Frasier case analysis batna

Nbc and paramount television announce, after difficult negotiations, their agreement that will keep hit tv show 'frasier' at nbc for three more years (m) but as has been the case with almost every hit show that has come down to serious negotiations on an extension with its existing network, both sides. Frasier case study 1) who are the parties to the “frasier” negotiation, and what are their interests how can the various parties influence the negotiation process and its outcome the parties paramount's batna's were to either sell the sitcom to cbs (sister company) or agree to keep the show at nbc for less money. Read this essay on frasier case study come browse frasier case study in: business and management submitted by sanjolig words 317 pages 2 negotiations frasier case a who are the parties in the frasier negotiation ( viacom, cbs nbc's batna: the fact that paramount didn't have a batna if they switch.

In other words batna means what do you do if you do not reach a deal i believe nbc's batna was to buy a comedy show such as dharma & greg from another network such as abc nbc was looking or considering a comedy show that would give nbc the same size viewing audience that frasier was.

This goes from the negotiation for the sitcom “fraser” to mr subramanian own personal negotiations with a local builder for a fence around his garden this makes the theory very best-practice batna analysis requires constantly asking yourself, “and then what happens” until you are satisfied that all.

However, parties often do not know their own batnas, and are even less likely to know the other side's batna often parties may pretend they have a better alternative than they really do, as good alternatives usually translate into more power in the negotiations this is explained more in the essay on batnas the result of.

Frasier case analysis batna

Frasier case analysis case solution,frasier case analysis case analysis, frasier case analysis case study solution, question # 4: paramount was searching for another channel for with limited options and high chances of loss paramount, don't have any batna and was anyhow submerged to the offer placed by nbc. Free essay: theory and practice of negotiations frasier in 2001 negotiations began with nbc and paramount in order to keep the hit tv frasier on nbc's paramount's batna was to air the show on cbs in the event that nbc did not agree to a higher licensing fee and extending frasier for an additional. Midwestern contemporary art musuem case study essay - this paper will describe the goals of the original negotiation between peter and catherine smith , and the midwestern contemporary art museum the discussion will involve the interpretation of the original batna and explain its value thirdly, we will discuss if.

Analysis of frasier case group 2 section a - download as word doc (doc / docx), pdf file (pdf), text file (txt) or read online the obstacles are 1) the bad treatment of frasier crew and show from nbc 2) paramount taking a very aggressive stand at the outset without considering its batna they must resolve these.

Paramount, the studio that produced the show, threatened to move frasier to cbs, paramount's sister network, if nbc did not agree to a substantially higher license fee than the one it was currently paying this case follows marc graboff's (evp of nbc west coast) analysis of the situation keywords: negotiation. Access to case studies expires six months after purchase date publication date: may 01, 2001 in 2001, nbc entered into contract negotiations with paramount television group to keep the hit show frasier on the network paramount, the studio that produced the show, threatened to move frasier to cbs, paramount's. Dealmaking: the new strategy of negotiauctions [guhan subramanian] on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers “packed with transformative insights, dealmaking will help a new generation of business leaders get to yes” ―william ury.

frasier case analysis batna Conditions can also be built into the deal itself unlike a condition to the deal, a condition built into the deal guarantees compliance with the negotiated agreement, and is one of the smartest integrative negotiation techniques consider nbc's 2001 negotiation to renew the hit television show frasier, owner.
Frasier case analysis batna
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